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Orson Lambskin Jacket - Vintage Brown

Orson Lambskin Jacket - Vintage Brown

$ 272.50

As A Natural Grown Product Each Leather Garment Is Unique. Washing And Special Treatments As Hand Painting,Waxing And Oiling Increase This Uniqueness.

All Tanned Animal Hides Are Unique In Their Composition,their Thickness, iIn The Way They React To Dyeing And Processing.

Irregularities Of The Hides Like Pigmentation Marks, Vain Marks And Insect Punctures Are Characteristics Which Attest The Authenticity Of The Leather.

Deviation In Color, Crimpling Of The Seams, Color Abrasion At The Edges, Individual Painted Seams And Areas Are Designedly And No Reason For Claims.

Leather Garments Should Be Protected From Intensive Source Of Light. A Certain Abrasion Should Be Considered.

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